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You don't have to struggle with meditation.

it’s easy. let us show you…for free.

The only thing you have to do is put on your headphones and follow the guidance. No crossing your legs or sitting in funny positions. No patchouli or incense required. just headphones and attention.

This free meditation isn’t some half-assed second rate production either. This is the real deal. It is one of our top tier products. We are just going to give it to you.

All you have to do is close your eyes and listen.

If you are interested in something a bit more powerful, keep reading.


This series is packed with content

At EMPTY CUP, we believe you must understand something for it to be used effectively. These meditations were custom designed to have a significant impact on your life and the world around you. But, that kind of change requires 2 things. First, you must understand what it is you are doing and changing. Second, you must have a burning desire to make that change. In this series, we give you all the tools you need to go deep and make lasting change. All you have to do is bring the desire.

minutes of audio

meditative tracks

hours of content

The First Key takes you on a fantastic meditative journey that is custom-designed to help you remove blocks that are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential. Each of these seven meditations is wrapped in an overall fiction like the chapters of a book. The best part is that you are the star!!!

Witness the transformation in yourself as you build the first environments in your inner universe. You will be blown away by this magnificent experience.

open the gate and let the real you shine

Buried within you is alight that has been trying to shine since the moment you were born. However, for some reason, you have hidden that light away from the world. Knowing the light is there is not enough. To let it shine, you must remove the obstacles that prevent it from shining. Understanding what is keeping you from being the most powerful version of yourself is the first step to freeing that light inside.

The First Key is a powerful meditative series that uses 7 highly effective meditations to help you find the reasons why you aren’t living your life to your fullest potential, and helps you change those thought patterns and behaviors.

You are more powerful than you know.
We just want to help you find that power.

Find your power and become the god of your own universe

Your path begins here

Check out the samples below to get an idea of how your path will unfold.



Take your first stroll through The Forest of The Deep. Here you will get your chance to meet a unique version of yourself and find out what it is you truly want from life.



Discover the power of a single breath as you journey through the forest. Learn about your place in this world and the waking world. Be prepared to grow with every breath.



A colossal statue has been frozen in the forest. It’s up to you to figure out what has locked this statue down as you use the power of The Sacred Breath to control the wind and find the answer.



Trouble and unease fill the air of the forest as you make your way through the storm to discover what has gone wrong. The lightning guides you on this journey. Will you be able to catch it as it rages out of control.



Nothing can prepare you for the massive flood of information that attempts to pull you downstream. Learn to control what information makes it through and how to silence the engorged river that flows within you.



Journey to the center of the forest for a look at a cave of powerful statements. Learn what it means to be you and how to alter what you are and how you view yourself.



All of your hard work has led you to this. The path out of the forest is through The Great Ravine. A multitude of challenges awaits as you make your way through its narrow path surround by its high walls.

Your power is waiting on you to set it free.

Don’t spend another day wishing you were something more. Take a leap and start making the change today.

The only thing standing in your way…is you.

Who are these empty cup folks anyway?

We are just a bunch of average joes with an extraordinary idea. You see, we were in the right place at just the right time. One day we saw this massive hole in the meditation industry and thought that it was something that needed to be addressed. At the same time, we noticed that we had all the right people and components to fix this hole.
The hole was the lack of entertainment value that came from the meditation industry and community. Meditation was always about the business of meditation. Sit still, focus, keep the mind quiet, and for the love of God don’t make it fun. Because why should something as important as meditation be fun, right?

Heaven forbid you should use that powerful imagination you keep locked up inside of your head to solve your own problems. What if the neighbors found out?
The irony and ridiculousness of this mindset put us to work fixing that gigantic hole. We looked around the table and saw that we were well equipped to fix this issue. We already knew the answer. It was fiction. All we had to do was find a creative way to intertwine meditation with fiction while delivering an earth-shaking emotional response that was designed to elicit a highly visual and visceral reaction from both the mind and “soul.”
Easy enough.

The powerful optimist

BRANDON KELLEY’S astonishing voice and powerful presence are only matched by his mind-boggling back story.  For someone with his level of positivity, you would never believe that this guy stared Death in the face and walked away with his life. This Adonis of a man Jumped at the opportunity to help people gain control of their minds and he was delighted to add his unique energy to a project designed to help so many.

The Voice of reason

DYLAN JAMES Is a man of knowledge. His passion for research is a gold mine when it comes to developing information. His love of detail and drive for perfection ensures that what you experience in these meditations is of the highest caliber possible. His number one goal is to see to it that your experience really has the ability to transform your life. Dylan brings a savvy mind to podcasts and discussions when it comes to the topic of meditation and self-improvement.


LEXIE HAYNIE Is a young and powerful voice in the world of Empty Cup. She is responsible for making sure we are getting our shit done. The sheer volume of effort required to pull this off means you need a badass in charge of your production schedule. Lexie is that badass. She has a strong passion to help others and was excited to help bring this project to you. The thought of being able to help so many people was all the reason she needed to get on board. But this level of epicness is only countered by her amazing goofball attitude that makes her the perfect combination of fun, and “get your shit done”.

The Eye behind the lens

RUDY MEADOWS is a powerhouse even without a camera in his hands. This young man can move his body in ways that will make you say WTF out loud. As a Martial Arts Tricker, Rudy is keenly aware of angles and power. However, when you put a camera in his hands, he shows you just how badass he can be. His eye is even sharper as it stares through a lens looking for the best shot possible. Being able to use these skills to help you gain a better grasp on the concepts that will change your life excited the hell out of him. Rudy is the perfect person to handle our media production where he can stretch his wings and show off.

The wizard

BRIAN TAYLOR creates the kind of experiences that makes you say “damn…” as you shake off the chills. As a fiction author, Brian is the writer and audio engineer behind the Empty Cup Experiences. His many years of experience and knowledge give him a unique advantage when it comes to media production. This tour de force brings strength to the table that allows the Empty Cup Team to stand tall behind our products. But his reason for spearheading this project is a deep one. Brian knows all too well the perils of leaving the mind to wander and doesn’t wish that fate on anyone. He can testify that you are more powerful than you know.

what are you waiting for?

change only happens when you make it happen


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